The birth of the Japanese "wife" robot: the realistic degree is similar to real people, with all the functions you want!

Nowadays, with the rapid development of human science and nostalgia breakfast station technology, artificial intelligence has become a hot topic, and the security of artificial intelligence has always been a hot topic. Hawking has also been worried about artificial intelligence, fearing that artificial intelligence will replace humanity in the future. Although there are many possibilities, the research and development of artificial intelligence is unstoppable, and artificial intelligence will drive the accelerated development of human civilization.

Now, artificial intelligence Best Bread Box has been born to the world's Go master Ke Jie, and people are discussing whether artificial intelligence is really powerful? But the result is very regrettable, this is not true artificial intelligence, real artificial intelligence may be even more powerful than this.

Talk To artificial intelligence, Best Convertible Sofa is inseparable from robots. Now with the development of technology, robots are not just a simple program, they can do more and more things to help people solve problems in life and work. Japan is a global leader in robotics research, and many advanced robots come from Japan.

Recent In Japan, a robot called "Wife" was developed, which was sold out at the time of its first release. What kind of robot is so popular? The robotic expression of the robot's emotions and movements called "Wife" looks very vivid. Interestingly, when you communicate with her, she will lie and smile if she encounters an unanswerable question. The robot looks very close to the real person and even looks more beautiful than many women.

The skin of this robot is also made of special materials, which is smoother, more delicate and has the functions of all girlfriends. The designer proudly said: We can customize different heights, skin colors, eye colors, hair styles and the body you want according to your needs!

The price of this "wife" robot was initially priced between 80,000 and 100,000 yuan. Netizens said that this price is actually cheaper than the lottery in many places. , really competitive.

In this way, the body structure of this female robot is also made according to the proportion of ordinary female body. In order to increase the sense of reality, the advanced silicone is used in the selection of materials, and the feel and fidelity are closer to real people. For such a delicate and beautiful robot, Many Japanese otakus say they really want to have it. So, do you want to have this robot called "Wife"?